Défi 6 jours: 1 700 km, 4 états et 1 lac

Je sortis de la gare Châtelet-les-Halles et partis en promenade jusqu'au bureau d'une amie qui m'accueillit. Nous dinâmes chez le Potager dans le quartier Montmarte avant de prendre le bus pour aller aux montagnes pour une semaine de ski. Nous ne savions pas que c'était le dernier repas au restaurant avant longtemps, car le lendemain... Continue Reading →

The 6-day Challenge: 1,100 miles, 4 states, and 1 lake

As wanderlust eyes looked off to faraway lands and unfamiliar cultures, I acknowledged the current circumstances and turned my attention towards my immediate surroundings. Only a mile away through Chicago avenues of Graystone buildings and city parks is the concrete slab shoreline of what is known as the Third Coast; Lake Michigan. With the stage... Continue Reading →

The Young Man and the Sea

Once upon a time there was a young man on his bicycle, alone, following the Western coast of France in search of sun and warmer weather. At first, he was accompanied by his friend, where they set off from Angoulême to begin a voyage from Nantes to Rochefort. The first few days welcomed them with plenty... Continue Reading →

Bretagne, France

"C'est joli la Bretagne et puis c'est pas loin de la France" - Coluche I find it most interesting the number of distinct regions in France that have their own unique history, language, and culture. In the southwest region and into Spain is Pays-Basque, in the south along the cost and inland are Occitane and... Continue Reading →

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